Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Reconfigure Your Mind For A Great Wealth In 2016

My people, everything starts from your mind. Nothing works until the mind begins to work. The mind is invisible, yes, but that is the power house of our lives. It's no wonder, amidst all their differences, all the great teachers (from Jesus to Muhammad to Buddha to Zig Ziglar) have one common topic: believe. Believing happens so silently and 'insignificantly' in the secret places of our souls and, yet, it drives our entire living days. It is on this note, therefore, that I call on you to reconfigure your mind as prescribed below if you will ever make the kind of money you ever wanted.
NOTE: I am not selling anything to you. So, you can believe I mean everything I write here.
Almost childish-looking, the practice I recommend below has made many rich. It is called creative visualization. Although, this terminology has its origin in the 20th century or so, I discovered that Jesus Christ had already spoken about the practice itself 2000 years behind as we shall see.
And, what is creative visualization? If you google this phrase, you'd find a lot of resources on it, but here I'd give you an ultra-simplified definition of it:
Creative visualization is to already become what you want to be. It sounds foolish; doesn't it? How could you become what you still 'want' to be? Before I go on, here is something similar that Jesus Christ said: "When you pray for anything, believe you already have it and it shall be yours" (Mark 11:24)
You can use creative visualization to achieve so many things - both positive and negative (story for another day) - but we are focusing on using it to become exceedingly rich. Let me use myself for an example. I come from a very very poor background. We were born in a hut. We lived in a hut. Like former President Jonathan, I went to school bare footed. But, although I began early to manifest great ambition, I later found out what deep damage poverty had done to my psyche. That was when I went deep into the study of mind power. I really had to go thoroughly crazy with creative visualization to really extricate myself from what some people call 'poverty mentality'. It was then I realized I never really came to terms with believing it was possible for me to own a car, build mansions and travel round the world. When people said things like this, I would seem to agree with them, but deep deep down my psyche, it was all fairy tale.
But how did I go about it? This is my simplest answer to this question: I went totally mad with creative visualization. I knew and still know I am the richest person - yes financially and otherwise - in the whole wide world. Right now, as I write this, I am the richest person on the planet.
Before now, my friends thought I was really mad because I'd scream from time to time - 'thank you Lord for making me the richest man on this planet - from the poorest background'. Right now, some of them believe may be I caught a vision. Of course, I've caught  vision, but may be not in the sense they seem to think.
Thank you Lord for making me the richest man on the planet. Whoever cares, can join me in this beautiful world of absolutely zero lack.
NOTE: I'll still write more on this topic. So, please check back.

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