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Why and How Every Nigerian Should Start Making Money Overseas

Earn Big Overseas from Nigeria – Offline or Online: Why and How?

Do you really care about making good money with a clear conscience and living out your dreams in this world before it’s all over? If ‘yes’, then, you needed to do things differently this year than you may have been doing other years. There’s a saying that it’s insane to continue doing things the same way while expecting a different result”. That different approach which I bring to you now is for you to earn your living wholly or partly outside the Nigerian/African economy this year.

But Why?

But why is this so important and considerable? Here is perhaps the strongest reason you have: The Naira is currently in a big trouble with its value experiencing probably the worst case of free fall in the entire history of our country. And yet, the average Nigerian depends 70% on imported products for daily living. So, if your earning is 100% based on the unstable and low Naira rates while you spend daily based on the standard dollar (international) rates, you are like someone giving out an ocean in return for a lake… and thinking that the lake and the ocean are equal in value. This way therefore, your life can only consist in losses rather than gains. This might explain what you may have been experiencing as financial struggles.

 I don’t like anyone looking for whom to blame for this. Instead, let’s spend that energy on seeking ways to better the situation. After all, if the situation is bad, we all suffer it; don’t we? For me, the surest way to help the Naira appreciate now is for us to try – as individuals - to bring in as much foreign exchange as we possibly could. These days there are countless ways to go about this without having to wait for all the bottlenecks of governmental policies and the corporate world, and even without being computer literate or having to go physically outside the economy of the country.

And, precisely, how?

Although there are so many opportunities available for earning hugely beyond the local economy even without going physically outside of it, I’d be reviewing here only the ones I know very well and I’d be giving you all the details as much as this medium affords. You can therefore like our page on Facebook so that you can receive new updates as soon as they are available or sign up here by clicking on ‘sign up’ (and ensure you use your principal email that you check regularly). Try to follow the instructions from THIS MOMENT. And the first instruction is…

Calm Down First!

I can understand that once making money is involved, all nerves are up. But I advise you to calm down first. Although you may have so many things bothering you, any effort you spend in getting the financial side of your life to work optimally in 2016 more than ever before, will worth more than anything else. If you do this, you’d gain more than if you were anxiously moving from one area to another. Calm down first and go through the content of this page before you venture into any of the earning opportunities you are presented with. You’ll always be better off with more knowledge than with less. For example, while those trying to sell something to you might tell you they’ve got a magic wand you just wave and money is everywhere, I tell you that every genuine opportunity must have its pros as well as cons, and you needed to know them well ahead in order to function at your best in it. ALL I REVEAL HERE ARE GENUINE OPPORTUNITIES YOU CAN VERY PROUDLY TURN INTO A CAREER AND NOT ANY OF THOSE 'KALO KALO' SCHEMES THEY PEDDLE AROUND FACEBOOK AND EVERWHERE ON THE WEB ESPECIALLY IN NIGERIA. One thing I promise you is that, if you can follow the instructions I make available here (WHICH IS FREE), you’ll surely make the money as promised but not quite on a platter of gold as some people may have tried to make you think. It may not involve hard work, but you've got to get up and move for the money to come. However, I know many of you out there just sit around and expect money to suddenly appear out of the blues. This way of thinking is not only irresponsible but also potentially sinful. It is always the kind of mentality behind stealing of all kinds. So, if you have that kind of mind, please back out. Otherwise come with me.

The Second instruction is…

Take Action!

You can never get to experience any road until you actually go through it. Before then, it may look too formidable to cross. Even if you continue to get this knowledge from now till this time next year and you have not acted on it, January 2017 will still meet you where you are or even in a worse condition. And you’re quick to say “it’s not my portion” but remember that “faith without action is dead”. Only decisive action will make all the difference between YOU and thousands of others who will visit this page and go on to forget about it. In any case, you could choose to become just one of the numbers and I tell you, the world will keep moving without you.

Now, let’s start with one of the available opportunities if you don’t mind.

Option 1: Become A Nigerian Distributor for Nature’s Way Inc, USA.

This is a huge but very little known opportunity available to Nigerians right now. Although it may sound quite big – and of course it is – you’ll be surprised at how easily you can take hold of it at the end of the day if only you can take your time to understand it first. First off, I encourage you to do your own research about Nature’s Way whose website is at www.naturesway.com. Nevertheless, I’ll tell you all I know about them, including how you can begin today to earn hugely through them out there in Nigeria without ever touching a computer or going out of your state of residence…right there in Nigeria I mean.

Nature’s Way (established in 1969) has been doing only one thing for nearly fifty years. That one thing is the research and development of food supplements. Nature’s Way has a philosophy based on the orthomolecular theory of the two times Nobel Prize Winner, Linus Pauling (published in 1968), which claimed that what he called ‘optimum nutrition’ could be the solution to all cases of ill-health in future. Over the years, Nature’s Way has been developing food supplements based on this idea that seem to prove Pauling entirely right for being potent in handling such health cases as cancer, hypertension, diabetes and even HIV without any known side effects except for one case of allergy that so surprised the media that it was reported on CNN in 2011. There seem to be indication however that this was rather due more to overindulgence than allergy. This has led to the company winning numerous prestigious awards and recognition over the decades as you can find on their website.

But Nature's Way had one big problem: marketing. Although they had highly potent food supplements, they could not release them freely into the open markets for quality control reasons. At a point, they could only form partnerships with extremely high-end companies like Schwabe North America and no more. This could not help matters as regards marketing since the products were still limited to North America for 37 years.

Then, in 2006, a Philippine-based direct sales consortium, Alliance In Motion Global Network (www.allianceinmotion.com) succeeded in convincing Nature’s Way on a way they could take the products beyond North America without compromising the quality. That way is direct selling. This led to a ratification of marketing partnership between the two companies since then. Direct selling means you don’t see any wholesaler of genuine Nature’s Way food supplements anywhere. Instead, the supplements are distributed through direct recommendation to end users by accredited members of Alliance In Motion Global network all over the world and by introducing other members to the network. They do this wherever they are: at home, on a visit, at work or worship place, inside a bus or airplane. They don’t go out just to do this but only as the occasion demands like when someone is down with a fever. It is the same way you’ve always recommended good products except that this time, you are paid hugely for doing so. This is where you come in: you can become a Nigerian distributor for Nature’s Way by simply joining the Alliance In Motion Global Network right there in Nigeria. You don’t find members of this network shouting around town, but they are there silently making inroads in many – if not all - Nigerian states. You can look for them in your area or you visit www.zerosickness.com.ng (especially if you are in the FCT). The Abuja-based ZeroSickness Nigeria Campaign is run by a member of Alliance In Motion Global Network and he would be very glad to help you if you wish to join.

NOTE: The Zerosickness Website cited above is for selling Nature's Way Products. I advise you, if money is what you want, instead of buying products from the website, contact the owner and ask him how you can become a distributor yourself. This way, even if you want to use the products, you'd be buying at 25% discount. More over, as you buy products as a distributor, your rank increases. Real Nigerians are actually quietly making millions of Naira from this opportunity and it is not going away soon because it is based on a 50-year-old world famous brand. You'd see far more detail when you visit the Zero Sickness website.

Why I am taking time to explain all these points to you is for you to appreciate the huge opportunity available to you in this. As someone said, “recognizing opportunities and actually taking hold of them, is the difference between successes and failures”. Even if you get this information from now till next year but you don’t act on it, you’d be only as good as someone who never knew about it. And so, 2017 will meet you still struggling to survive. I want you as an individual Nigerian to decide that your financial life must experience a huge positive change from 2016 and no other time. You can’t continue to run from pillar to post for the rest of your life except you choose that for yourself.

I can tell you with no strings attached that real people like you are already making huge money from this opportunity I’ve brought your way today, but I invite you to take time to go through the pros and the cons below for you to determine if this is for you or not:

The Pros

a.     The companies and the products involved already have a global reputation and so, trust is of minimal concern.

b.     You are paid not only for selling. Instead there are six other ways to earn hugely from these companies without selling, such as introducing other distributors. Indeed, selling is the least of all the earning opportunities available.

c.      You work in a free environment as if you own the business and yet you benefit from associating with an already existing network of real people. This enhances your social life, builds your capacity and yet takes much pressure away from you.

d.     Since you represent a well-established registered brand, you are saved such responsibilities as taxation and legal issues.

e.     You are paid at a global scale: you are paid the Naira equivalence of your dollar earning (at the same scale with other distributors all over the world). In essence, you are working in the United States’ economy right from Nigeria. So, once you set sail, your finances can never again be subject to the instability of the local economy and yet you are saved all the rigors of foreign exchange bureaucracy.

f.       It affords you not only stable wealth but also promises you sound health. Time comes when you realize your health could matter far more than any amount of money. On the contrary, most businesses/jobs may promise you wealth, but hardly health besides.

g.     You are paid twice a week, and your earning is immediately withdrawable in cash. So you don’t have to wait too long after you’ve earned to actually have the earning.

h.     The products are still relatively new in Nigeria. So, their future is not only bright but still hardly explored.

i.        The product offers are not found in the open markets. This keeps any would-be competition down.

j.       People comfortably combine this with any other job or business without interference. A large provision shop owner confessed to me that he makes far more money per month from this than he does from his shop.

k.     You earn infinitely down your lines. This magnifies your effort by turning it into a lifetime earning.

l.        There is no demotion or passing up.

m.  Although your account is instantly accessible online, you work mainly offline; having physical interaction with people and withdrawing payment from your local bank. All you need is a basic internet literacy to be able to log into your account online. It means if you prefer things concrete and simplified, this is for you.

The Cons

a.     In a bid to protect product quality, it appears the process is rather too closed-in. In these modern days, it should have been possible to get registered by just visiting their website but it is not so. For instance, if you visited the Alliance In Motion Global website (cited above) you immediately notice you are not wanted unless you are already a registered member. Then, even if you want to register, they require other things such as a sponsor’s ID and your own distributorship ID which you cannot have unless you know someone who is already a registered member and who is willing to introduce you physically. It makes the whole thing look like a cult.

b.     To become a distributor with Nature’s Way through Alliance In Motion Global network, you must purchase a product worth at least thirty-six thousand naira (N36,000) only. It means, even if you are of a good reputation and ready to work but cannot afford the amount, you are automatically exempted. Although reports show that this investment is generally recouped in the first month, the opportunity is made unavailable to most unemployed youths who cannot afford the investment in the first place. As the provision shop owner cited above said, “I don’t know of any other investment you make and get it back double in the first month. This is why I’m so serious with it” (meaning that he takes it more seriously than his main business. He started with over two hundred thousand naira and was about reinvesting seven hundred thousand naira). On the part of Alliance In Motion Global officials however, they claim the compulsory investment is to provide you with a distributorship starter pack and to ensure you will use the products before recommending them to other people.

c.      Although you work overseas from Nigeria, this is not online. You deal with company reps here in Nigeria and you market offline while withdrawing your earning through the local banks. The only thing you do online is to check your daily earning and stuffs like this. So since you do so little online, it means for those who do not like doing things offline like talking to people, queuing at banks at times and things like this, this may not go down well with them. If you prefer working online than offline therefore, this may not be for you. However, if you prefer working online and yet you have not been making it online, it may be wise for you to try a difference experience this time around and see if you’d have a different result. As someone would write, “sometimes, what we seek would hide in what we hate”.
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