Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Turn This Gloom From Doom to Boom!

Beautiful rhyme! You probably think so, but, oh no. It's far more than just a rhyme. I'm loaded with inspiration! Join me as I share with you these golden thoughts that have been seeking expression for long.
A Discouraging Status Quo?
As we all should have known, the Nigerian economy is not only down, it seems to be drowning: The Naira is daily on a downward plunge. As I write this, it is being reported that a dollar equals N270 in the parallel market. The situation has become so sad that the CBN has decided to take us decades back by banning the use of Naira credit card overseas to discourage forex flight with effect from January 2016. (I can understand CBN has given this order out of a mixture of concern and confusion. But I daresay, its too primitive of the apex bank. I don't mean to be just an arm chair critic any way. Instead I have a set of unconventional solution from the street that is the opposite of the CBN order. The path CBN has taken can be likened to a man who decides not to spend anymore for the needs of his family just because he wants to have more money. Irresponsible! Isn't it? I think the man in question should have taken the more responsible path of brainstorming on ways to make more money to brace up the family finances instead. Does he not care if the children die of hunger? And does CBN not care that many in the Nigerian economy would be cut off from the world economy and be deprived of so many global opportunities just because they can no longer use their Naira credit card beyond the limits of the local economy? CBN has probably failed to realize that economy is all about the people and not just figures; about the welfare of a real living population and not just of lifeless statistics. In line with this, I have, among others, an idea to create an influx of forex into the Nigerian economy to balance the equation well outside all those craned-neck policies of finance experts. Rather, the Nigerians on the street will engineer this revolution; I mean, you and me).
As if this Naira free fall is not enough, the oil boom in America has made Nigeria its greatest victim since we have lost our biggest crude oil market - the USA. This particular problem is only an addition to what all the crude oil exporting economies must suffer together at the consequent global oil price glut. Still, this is besides the fact that terrorism has strained the local budget overly in the past few years while scaring away potential investors. It is like pulling down a house while you are busy scaring those who could have rebuilt it. Then comes the 'change' wahala: the first ever political transition in Nigeria from not only one administration to another but also from one ruling (or governing) party to another, also means that the economy experiences necessary glitches.

Even the new Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari could not hold back on the discouraging state of the economy but instead reportedly unabashedly declared before an international audience that "Nigeria is broke". Well, far from media reports, all these add up to impinge on no one else but the ordinary Nigerian on the street who may never have the opportunity and the misfortune of watching the bad news on TV or reading it on the newspapers. Instead, the real news happen right in his belly when hunger strikes; in his family when opportunities are lost and in his life when, unsecured, he loses life to terrorists or hoodlums. So, it may not be surprising if the greatest victims of these economic woes become the engine room for turning it around. Indeed, no one else would. The rest might be comfortable to pay a lip service to the situation for ever.
A Disclaimer
What I have are unconventional (though not entirely unusual) ideas on how this gloomy look of the Nigerian economy can very easily - relatively easily - be turned around. This is not for the die-hard conservatives though. If you can't be anything but a conservative, kindly back out. Then, to those who are willing to let us grow I declare, there is a brand new path towards turning this economy around: from below, not from above.
First, An Attitudinal Change (from you; yes, YOU. Say 'ME')
We complain a lot as a people. No matter where you go, this must be rated - in a sober moment of pure truth - an attitude of the weak and the irresponsible. Don't kick at this rock of truth or you'd only injure yourself. Instead, allow this bitter pill of truth to heal you of the perverted attitude of blaming everyone but yourself. If you take this point to heart, you'll very soon discover how dramatically you can change not only your situation at the personal level, but you will also be instrumental in changing the nation and the world POSITIVELY. Truly, the only genuine way to change a global situation is to change your own situation. This is not just sweet talk. Instead, here is how it plays out: If everyone spends energy on changing his/her own situation - instead of dissipating that energy waiting for someone else and complaining that someone else didn't change your situation - we'd wake up one beautiful morning only to discover the whole world has changed for good.

Nor am I in any way trying to exonerate any of those who have a role to play in bringing on the desired change in your life but failed to measure up. I know too well your parents could have been better parents than they were; that the school you attended was surely guilty of being imperfect; that the senator representing your zone should have attracted more employment your way, yet I know you could have done more to help these role players in helping you. Could you please pause awhile to admit this to yourself that the Father of Lies (the Devil) might be put to shame for your sake? If you are not willing to drop this self-damaging attitude of blame game, the word I addressed to the die-hard conservatives above, do I address to you: back out. The content of this free living book will not benefit you one bit. If however you're willing to embrace real positive - even if radical - change for yourself, the nation and the world, do come with me on this ride.

OK, now hear this: The ideas I offer here are really products of pure inspiration that I'm totally sure will create a colossal positive change in the macro-economy of our country by first creating similar but smaller scale changes in the micro-economy (ie. your pocket). Yet, I do not claim to have it all. I don't even claim to have one of the best solutions. I strongly believe, instead, that these ideas will trigger more from across the length and breadth of our dear country. At the end, no one claims the glory except the Almighty One, and we shall all be better for it all to His most deserved glory.

NOTE: This is a living book which I keep writing while you are reading (thanks to ICT!). Now, I am wrong in saying I am writing it. Instead, I expect to write it with you. When you contribute your idea to boost a point I may have expressed poorly or rebuke me for exceeding my bounds on occasions, you are contributing in writing this all-important book that focuses on the most important subject - second only to God himself - the economy of our pockets and of the Nation and the world. So, be kind enough to drop your comments. Unless you, most honourable reader; I mean YOU (singular) give me reason enough to continue writing, I'd stop here. I'd have reasons to continue or to stop from your evaluation of this intro. Why have I taken this decision? See why: A cook might think he is wonderful at his job until he serves some samples of his delicacies to other people.

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